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Advanced Group Casual Lesson

Casual lessons for busy schedules, holiday periods away or extra tuition

Our advanced classes incorporate senior qualified coaches. Students are taught all tennis techniques, rallies, round robins and match play tactics.

Program Included Programs: Star Rewards, Super Prize giveaway, Memberships, Exams, Levels and Reports

Level: 50-90

Camps Casual Half Day

Recommended for younger students that can not sustain a full day or students that have busy holiday schedules Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Camps Casual Full Day

Enjoy tennis for a day or two during the holidays. Play some tennis around a busy holiday schedule

Junior Group Casual Lesson

Can’t commit to a full term, no problem. Casual lessons are perfect option for busy schedules. Working around a holiday period or do you want extra tuition.

Private Casual Lesson

Our casual private coaching lessons are specifically catered for players that can’t commit to a term of tennis and have busy schedules. Private lessons are intense, incorporate meticulous personal and individual tuition with rapid improvement. Only our most senior club professionally qualified and experienced tennis coaches will conduct these lessons. Our object is to ensure that players have constant attention, video analysis, goal setting, maximise hitting while maintaining a close eye on error detection and correction.

Special State Squad Casual

SSS incorporated only highly gifted tennis students from the state. Intense training, match play, video analysis, state competitions and fitness regime. Students are selected and also employed within the club

Coached by Daniel Freak (Director) & Arian Lemal (Head coach). Special guest coaches attend

  60b Clanville Rd Roseville Park
  PO Box 544 Roseville 2069             

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