Intermediate Lessons Orange Ball 1

Intermediate Lessons Orange Ball 1

Intermediate Lessons Orange Ball 1

Free Bus Service - Location:
Free Extra Supervision - Time:

Intermediate Lessons - Orange Ball 1

Orange Ball classes incorporate Top Spin, Rallies, constructive point play, error detection and correction, drills, match play, competitive round robins and video analysis.

Level: 40-50
Balls: Orange 50% Compression
Racquet size: 23” -26″
Colour: Orange
Court: 3/4
Age: 8 – 10

Free Bus Transport

Providing convenient, safe and secure after school Bus Transportation every day of the school period. We pickup your child from school and drive them to the tennis club.

We need a 1 hour notification if your child is away and does not need bus transport. If your child is not at the pickup location, we will contact you

1. Holy Family 2:55pm Canteenholy family
2. Lindfield Public School 3:00pm Maple treeLPS
3. Roseville Public School 3:10pm Mrs Lane's WindowRPS
4. Lindfield East Public School 3:30pm Tennis court gate school entrance LEPS

Free Extra Supervision

Before or after tennis lesson supervision. 3:00pm-5:30pm. Coach supervised on court hitting, tennis games, playground, kids can do there homework, watch movies, play nintendo Wii, use 3 handball courts, 2 hitting walls or 2 basketball rings. Clubhouse is air conditioned and heated in the winter.

Extra Supervision

  60b Clanville Rd Roseville Park
  PO Box 544 Roseville 2069             

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